2015 Installation of Officers

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On January 10th, 2015, Worshipful Lamond Byrd and the following officers were installed in their offices for the year:

Master: Lamond Byrd
Senior Warden: Glen West
Junior Warden: Evan Strand
Assistant Secretary: John Hix
Chaplain: Robert Grbavac
Junior Deacon: Jesse Newman
Marshal: Chris Mortimore
Senior Steward: Hardy Bell
Organist: Dale Quelle

Due to conflicts, the following were installed at a separate meeting:

Treasurer: Al Shifberg-Mencher
Secretary: Craig Reade
Senior Deacon: John Taylor
Junior Steward: Eddie Summers
Tiler: Damaso “Sarge” Sutis

Worshipful Steve Ashworth served as Installing Officer, Worshipful Craig Reade served as Master of Ceremonies, and Worshipful Mike Tugwell was Installing Chaplain. Worshipful Ashworth was appointed Officers Coach, and Worshipful Ken Stanford was again appointed as Head Candidates Coach.


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